The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of  sponsors, affiliates, magazines, networks or companies I work with. It's Othmar Vohringer straight talk and opinions shaped by a lifelong of hunting and observations.

What to expect on this blog:
  1. All articles posted here are my opinion, unless stated otherwise. I adhere to the code of journalistic ethics, to be truthful to the best of my knowledge and to be fair.
  2. The agenda of this blog and my other outlets is to promote our hunting heritage and try to rectify the often willful spread and misrepresentation about hunting and hunters.
  3. I welcome guest bloggers on all of my blogs. If you would like to become a regular or occasional guest writer please contact me for more information and opportunities. 
  4. From time to time I post product and service reviews on this blog. All reviews are based on fairness and personal field tests. To find out more about product reviews, or if you would like your products/service reviewed here, please contact me.

Posting Comments on this blog:

Due to excessive spam comments “Comment Moderation” is enabled on this blog. This means that your comments will be visible when I personally approved of them. I welcome all comments and try my best to reply as soon as possible. However, I would like to remind all readers, especially those that are opposed to hunting, that this is a family blog and I do not tolerate rude, abusive, threatening and generally demeaning foul language. Comments that are against what commonly could be regarded as demeaning and rude WILL be deleted.

Embedding link in comments.
Edit: Over the past few months I detect that more and more companies try to post comments that include links to the company website or to a specific product/service. This blog does NOT provide FREE advertising. With that said, comments that are regarded as "advertising" WILL not be published.

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