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About The BC Bowhunter Blog

Whether you're a seasoned or beginning bowhunter we strive to provide information for all skill levels. We focus on sharing unbiased product advice and tips on bowhunting strategies and news pertaining to bowhunting. Becoming a bowhunter is a steep learning curve and we are dedicated to shorten the times it takes to learn becoming proficient and successful. BC Bowhunter strives to be your #1 source for everything bowhunting. To this end Othmar Vohringer provides his vast knowledge gained in over 20 years of hunting with compound-, traditional bows and crossbows.

Why BC Bowhunter? The name indicates by no means a restriction to British Columbia bowhunting, it simply means that Othmar Vohringer lives in this Canadian province. British Columbia happens also to be the Nort American region with more wildlife species then anywhere else on this continent. BC is a bowhunters paradise of sorts in that our bowhunting seasons are one of the longest in North America. Due to the vastness of our wilderness hunters can hunt all season long with archery equipment (which includes crossbows), even during our regular firearm season. That does not include all the additional special bowhunting opportunities provided by the government. In short. BC offers four to five months of unrestricted bowhunting opportunities...it just doesn't get much better than that.

About The Author; Othmar Vohringer
Over the last decade Othmar has been fortunate enough to share his passion for hunting and the deep appreciation he has for nature in some of Canada's leading outdoor magazines and on countless seminars throughout Canada. Othmar tries to inform and inspire others about our rich and diverse hunting heritage and our responsibility as stewards of all things wild and beautiful. Before Othmar became a full time photographer, hunter and communicator he earned a living for over 30 years as an internationally respected animal beahviourist, a specialized knowledge that he readily incorporates in his many years of hunting experience. To Othmar hunting always meant more than just going out to pursue wildlife; to him it's a way of life. If he is not out hunting or studying wild animals he writes about his endeavours or talks about it on seminars. As an educator and promoter he's active in the preservation of our hunting heritage and the recruitment of young and new hunters.
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