Bowhunting School/Seminars

Becoming a successful bowhunter is tied to a steep learning curve. It is not uncommon for novice bowhunters to go on for several years of hunting without taking an animal. To assist you in shortening this learning process I've created this page where you can find links to articles on this, and my other blogs and websites, in the hope it will provide you with the necessary knowledge that otherwise would take years to accumulate.

(Othmar Vohinger is a popular seminar speaker. If you're interested in hosting one of his entertaining and educational bowhunting hunting seminars on your next hunting event please read here, or contact him directly for more information and availability.) 

General Bowhunting Tips:
Bowhunting Stand Locations You Should Avoid
Not Your Usual Whitetail Deer Habitat

Early Season Hunting Tactics:
Antler Rattling And Calling During the Rut

Rut Hunting Tactics:
Antler Rattling And Calling During the Rut
Hunting The Rut
Understanding The Rut
Timing The Whitetail Deer Rut

Make That Shot Count 

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